Do you know Sahin Designs?

Hi everyone. Things have been crazy busy, been working away on some fun templates and kits for everyone! I have also been having fun creating layouts again and discovered and awesome new store ‘The Scrap Nerds’. This new place just opened up a month ago and I am truly hoping for it’s success because I am such a nerd and it speaks to me.

Well, finding this store was very cool but then I got a chance to discover a new designer whom I had seen over at Pixel Scrapper as well, Sahin Designs. I love her kits. They are so simple, elegant and very creative!! So when you get a minute check out her stuff. The First kit is linked to her store over at The Scrap Nerds!!



Paper Clip Tutorial

Today’s tutorial will show you how to make a realistic paper clip from the paper clip shape in Photoshop. The tutorial is by Rhoda at Digidesignresort. Get the tutorial by clicking the paper clip below.


Have a great week, and Happy Scrapping!

Hosting the August Use it Or Lose it challenge at With Love Studio

Hi everyone. Hope your summer is going well. We have been busy remodeling our new home and swimming in our awesome pool! I have been slacking on the design side because real life has been crazy busy, but I did have a chance to have some fun creating this little mini for the August Use It or Lose it challenge over at With Love Studio. Check it out and let me see those awesome layouts.

If you create a layout with the mini kit, come back here and let me know, I will be pulling a random winner  on 9/1/14 for a free template pack. If you are new to With Love Studio, let me know as well for a little bonus goodie for you!

Click on the image below to be taken to the challenge. Have fun everyone!

MS2_TweetTimesPrev MS2_BdayTemp1_MSLO1

Create your own Alphabet

The weeks are just flying by. Before you know it the kids will be back in school and we will all be decorating for the Holidays. I remember as a child I wished time would move faster, now I wish time would move slower. Isn’t that the way it goes?  For the tutorial below UC = Upper Case and LC = Lower Case.

Create you own Alphabet, Numbers, & Symbols for Digital Scrapbooking

Open a new screen with the following settings:

  • Pixels = 3600 x 3600 (12” x 12”)
  • Resolution = 300
  • Background = Transparent

Activate Type Tool (T)

Click on the Type Tool icon in top tool bar, and then the <Character> Tab and use the settings below.

  • Font = your choice
  • Size = (92pts – 100pts) usually works well
  • Color = Black
  • Set your letters to sharp, smooth, crisp, etc
  • Crisp or Sharp work well
  • Line Spacing = 102 (This can be adjusted later if need be. If you run out of room, select all the letters with the Select Tool and set line spacing lower.)

Turn on Caps Lock and type the alphabet. Be sure to leave space between letters so they do not overlap each other.

Once letters are typed use the Move Tool (top right icon) to center them on the page

Duplicate layer (I do this as a “safety net”) you won’t be using this duplicate layer so you can click on the “eye” icon to hide it.

Open a pattern or background you want to use for your letters

Make sure the Move Tool is selected

Drag the background on top of the letters

Make sure the Background Layer is selected

Choose <Layer> and then <Clipping Mask>

Merge visible layers

You can use <Layer Style> to enhance your letters if you like. (You can delete the duplicate alphabet layer at this point)

Once you have your alphabet finished you can now save them into their own files.

Save each Letter, Number and Symbol in its own file

  • Click on the Rectangular Marque Tool. If yours is a different shape just click and hold on the little arrow to change to the rectangular shape.
  • Select one letter by making the rectangular marque go around the letter.
  • Go to Edit > Copy (if formatting doesn’t copy, choose Copy Merged)
  • Go to File > New
  • Resolution = 300 You do not have to chose the size just the resolution
  • Background = TRANSPARENT
  • Click OK

When new window opens click Edit > Paste

Save as a PNG

PNG Options Window = NONE

Here is a suggestion for naming the file of each letter:

File Name = kit name_your name_file name

EX: Checkered Flag Alphabet_KJDdesigns_UC – A

When you close the letter it will ask if you want to save a PSD copy, which is entirely up to you. If you want to be able to make changes then by all means save it as a PSD also.

Select the next letter and repeat instructions.

You will follow these same instructions to make a set of LC letters.

NOTES: Just a couple of things I have discovered. On my keyboard, if I hit <Enter> on my Numbers Pad it finishes my typing and I cannot make any more changes. If I hit <Enter> by my letters it takes me to the next line. Also, if you change anything on the Style you choose make sure to save that as a New Style for when you type the lower case letters, and symbols. I did not do this once and could not get the LC to match the UC. I make the duplicate layer of my black line alphabet in case I make any mistakes. Once you are happy with your finished product, you can delete the duplicate layer.

Be Creative and Have Fun

Make sure you save all tutorials you download into a folder named Tutorials or Instructions so you will have them all in one place for ease of finding them.

And now that you have reached the bottom of this post I have a FREE alphabet for you that I offered on my FB page a while ago. Checkered Flag Alphabet-Upper, Lower, Numbers, and Symbols. PU Only_KJDdesigns

Click on either preview to get everything. There is no need to click on both, just one.


KJDdesigns Checkered Flag  FB Freebie Jan 2014KJDdesigns Checkered Flag Preview


Happy Scrapping and

See you next week.


Font Friday: Austie Bost On a Whim

Hey everyone, hope your summer is treating you well. I am have been crazy busy with moving into our new house, my oldest daughter graduating, my youngest daughter starting 8th grade and gearing up for a little bit of traveling. It has been no stop almost. Lots of painting still to do but we are coming along nicely.

Here is what we did to my daughter’s room. We still have some furniture to paint before it is all said and done but she loves how it turned out and that is all that matters. I will post more as our house comes along.


The blue that you see in the room is not actually blue but teal or ‘peacock tail’, well that is going into her bathroom. We are also going to be writing on the wall ‘Let the Beauty within shine through’ right by her mirror so that she is reminded every day how beautiful she is!

With that being said, we have found a font that we love and plan on using to write it out.. Thank you so much to Austin Owens over at for your amazing font ‘Austie Bost On a Whim’!! Love it… you can get your copy here:


Download here:

So please check out here fun fonts and hope you enjoy the freebie!



Funday Tutorial

It is always fun to find a new way to change up your designs, and give your layouts that special ‘pop’. When scrapbooking pages of your kids it would be nice to make it look like a crayon drawing with crayon lettering. Once you download this tutorial you will be able to give your pages that look.

I found this tutorial at Digidesignresort. I put a direct link to this tutorial inside the instructions. Just click on the image below to download the tutorial.


 Have a great week, and Happy Scrapping!

Funday Freebie

Once again it was a bad week between health and computers. I decided to finally ditch my old desktop. It must be at least 7 years old and in computer life….that is old. I have been busy transferring files from my desktop to my hubby’s laptop that he let me have since he is no longer using it.

So for today I have a freebie I made for you using Meg Scott’s kit Love Bridge which you can find HERE. Just click on the picture for your freebie.


Love Bridge Frame Cluster

Love Bridge Frame Cluster_KJDdesigns

Thank you for joining me today.

Happy Scrapping!

Styles Tutorial

 Please forgive me for missing last “Funday”. Between having a bad health week and both my PC and MAC giving me problems, I did not get much done. Maybe my computers had the same virus as me! Anyways, it is good to be back.

I received this tutorial from Digital Scrapbooking Studio’s newsletter, and I want to share it with you. This will come in handy if you like to use styles. There is a free template to go with this tutorial that you can get by clicking on “SnickerdoodleDesigns” below and then scrolling to the end of the page, and there is a nice tip at the end of this tutorial also.

Creating your own Style Strip for Photoshop Layer Styles

by SnickerdoodleDesigns on 5 July 2014 in Designer Tools & Tips, Elements (PSE),Photoshop CS+, Tutorials

1. Here is a template that I created for my Style Strips.  There are 6 squares, and each square is on it’s own layer.  You can make your own template with as many or as few squares as you like, or you may download my template for your use at the bottom of this post.


 2. Load or install the Photoshop Style that you wish to create a Strip for.

3. Go back to the template and replace the name of each layer (in my preview named “Product Name”) with the name of the Style you wish to create the Style Strip for.Untitled2

4. With the first layer in the template selected, click on the first Style that is in the Style set you are using. In the image below, you will see that I am creating a Style Strip for my Leather Styles-Set 1, so I have changed the names of my layers to reflect that information.   I have also applied the first Style in this Style Set to the first square.


5.  To complete the Strip, I would just need to click on the next layer (SD_LeatherSet1-2) to make it active, then click on the Leather-Set1-2 Style in the Styles Panel to apply it to the 2nd rectangle (that is on the 2nd layer); then click on Layer 3, and so on.Untitled3


6.  Once the Strip has been completed, save as a PSD or TIFF, and file it in your choice of places.  I like to keep my Style Strips together with everything else that goes with that product (.asl file, tutorials, and such).

Untitled4Note:  If you are creating a Strip that has more than 6 Styles in it: Create a new document (size dependent upon how much space you need); drag the original template onto the new document; duplicate the number of layers (squares) that you need; create your Style Strip; crop the transparent pixels on your new document; and save as noted above.

TIP:  Using Style Strips is helpful when you don’t want to load or install Styles. Just open the PSD (or TIFF, depending upon how the Strip is saved), right click on layer of the Style you want to use and choose the “Copy Layer Style” option.  Right click on the layer you wish to apply the Style to and choose “Apply Layer Style.”  Using Style Strips is especially helpful for those who have Photoshop Elements versions that do not allow “loading” of Styles.


Blog Trains

The best and least expensive way to build your stash for scrapbooking is to hop on board a Blog Train. This is also a great way to find digital scrapbooking blogs, FB pages, and stores. Here are a few suggestions of what you should do while downloading kits from the list of designers in a Blog Train:

  1. Make a folder on your computer with the name of the Blog Train
  2. Download each kit into that folder.
  3. Bookmark the designer’s page where you download the kit.
  4. Leave a comment thanking them for taking the time to be a part of the train, and for sharing their talent.

While most Blog Train kits are for Personal Use Only, there are a few designers that provide Commercial Use kits as well. So Blog Trains are also good for building a CU stash for those who design their own kits. Always be mindful of the Terms of Use for each designer.

There are several different types of Blog Trains. Some trains have a common theme and color palette. Some trains have a common theme, and let the designers pick their own color palette, and some have a common color palette, and let the designers pick their own theme. Most trains run for one month, however, they all have their own start dates.

Another thing to remember about Blog Trains is that the designers live all over the world, so if someone’s site isn’t up and running by the date and time specified you will need to check back. I usually wait two or three days into the train to visit all the sites so that I don’t have to check back later.

Here are some current Blog Trains to visit for the month of June.

 Pixel Scrapper

Digi Blog Train List

DST Blog Train

Scrappin Your Heart Out Blog Train

 Scrap n Pieces Blog Train

O’Scrap Blog Train

Wilma 4 Ever Blog Train

 MyMemories Blog Train

My Favorite “blank” Is Blog Train

These are just a few of the Blog Trains out there. If you do a search for “blog trains” you will find many, many more. If you want to participate as a designer in a train, just sign up. Most blog trains are open and like to have new designers join them.

 Thank you for joining me for Funday. Hop on Board a Train.

Enchanted Colors Kit

I hope this “Funday” finds you being creative and productive. Before I get to the kit I am featuring today, I have a few search tips for you. You can find a lot of pages referring to digital scrapbooking sites by doing a search for “digital scrapbooking”. You can either do the search in Facebook or with a search engine such as Google. I have done searches using both. Try changing your search words to get different types of pages. Here are a few suggestions: commercial use digital scrapbooking, digi scrapping, digital scrap freebies, or digital scrap blogs. Then change the word “blog” with; Pinterest, twitter, site, web page, etc. The key thing to remember is that not all sites have the same “tag” words so one site that shows up in one search may not show up in another. That is why I change the wording of my searches. So search away and don’t forget to bookmark the pages you like.

I made a cluster using Meg Scott’s kit “Enchanted Colors” as your freebie today.

Click on Cluster to download.

Enchanted Colors Cluster-MegScottStudio-KJD

The Enchanted Colors Kit is packed with pretty things such as fairies, and a Victorian couple, along with many other elements and beautiful papers.

Each paper design will be sent to you as a separate JPEG file for maximum versatility and crisp, beautiful printing. These designs make great backgrounds for scrapbooking, cards, invitations, announcements, labels, newsletters, and other craft projects.

15 digital papers – textured, glittered and embossed

• Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ (3600 x 3600 pixels)

• Resolution: 300 ppi

• File format: JPG

69 Elements

• Resolution: 300 ppi

• File format: PNG

Here is some inspiration.



Click on preview below to be taken to Meg’s Store.

Enchanted Colors_MegScottStudio

Here is a bonus for those who read all the way to the bottom of this post. Visit Meg Scott Studio’s Facebook page to grab her “150 Likes” FREEBIE “Only in my Dreams”.


See you next “Funday”. Happy Scrapping!