New Release.. Family Tree

As I am getting older I am finding that I want to learn more about my family and where we come from. Do you feel the same way? Do you like hearing stories about what your grandparents life was like growing up. I think that is the best part about my age now, is being able to communicate with my family on a different level and being able to handle those stories. There are some stories that I will never get to hear because they have passed on but I would have liked to have met and heard what it was like for my mother’s parent’s growing up. My mom’s mom passed before I was born and her father passed when I was 4 or 6. I only have a single photo of them and one china saucer of my grandmother.

My oldest daughter bought me this beautiful family history book for me to write in and it got me thinking about how much more I could do if I had a kit that I could create layouts with and create my own book with stories in it that I can share with my family. So that is what I did.

If you could create a layout using this kit, what would create? What would you journal?


Right now this kit is on sale but also if you purchase the kit, you will receive the brushes for Photoshop for free. They do have the PNG copy as well for those who use Elements or Paint Shop Pro.

$1 kits over at

Hope everyone’s Easter is going well. How was your egg hunting? We missed Easter this year for the first time ever due to my tooth extraction getting dry socket.. Oh, you never want that to happen, the pain is insane – radiates from the chin to the ear. Hubby has to work like always, so it should be a quiet day. But I feel bad that we didn’t get my little one (whose 13) an easter basket and didn’t have a chance to color eggs – which she loves to do. Maybe I can a make-up Easter next weekend! Surprise her with little hint cards to make her look around the house for the basket.. where is a good hiding place for you? Living in Arizona, I don’t want someplace outside or else the chocolate will melt and I need it high or behind closed doors because of the fury babies..maybe our closet by the front door. hmmm..

******** $1 Special Edition @ With Love Studio ********
With today being a special day, we have a special sale going on over at…we have lots of kits from a lot of our designers.


Here is what I have one sale for $1..


Are you new digital scrapbooking?

Not sure where to begin with all these fun kits you see around the digital world? Used to creating layout with paper, scissors, glue, stickers and more? Not sure how to add your digital photos to a digital scrapbook page? Well, there is amazing help out there for you… check out:

Sans Paper Scissors for Beginners with Aria Andrus – click the link below:
Sans Paper Scissors

I truly hope you enjoy this class check out the others!

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ScrappyBee Calls

Are you looking for a great store to be a part of the CT in? Looking for a great store to sell your digital scrapbooking products in? Well, now is your chance to join us over at ScrappyBee!! We are a fun loving group of supportive designers and CT. So you don’t want to miss out on this chance to be a part of it!

 photo SBee-Designer-Call_zpsbraqp81t.jpg photo SB-CTCall_zpsvgy2zkbn.jpg

Digging through our junk.. oops memory totes..

Throughout our lives we hold onto things, memories, thing that trigger those memories and junk! Yes, I said it, junk. Growing up, with every move we made, my mom would pack our stuff up and somehow not everything made it to the new house – my barbie dolls and their clothes and accessories, my comic book collection, my hot wheels collections, my books, etc. Some of those would have been worth big money now – such as the original atari or nintendo and its games, some of my barbies, or my x-men comic books. But according to my mom, she has no clue what happened to all that stuff or.. oh you grew out of it.

Well, said to say because of that, I am now a possible junk collector.. I don’t want to throw out any of my stuff – I do but not everything. I have Barbies, hot wheels and comic books still in the packaging so I don’t lose them or even play with them. What is wrong with me!!!! Yes, I am 39 but I am still a Toy R’ Us kid!

I am also a parent, and what I have I done, well started each of my children on the road to having their own memories box or tote or two. Yes, I have started saving all their stuff as well. But that is not going to help then when they move out into their own place and I ship them 10 boxes of junk they never knew they had or needed. So what do I do to stop the madness!!

After reading this article.. I have decided that it is time to take pictures of everything that we have in those totes and we all have to decide what is worth holding onto and what is worth tossing. But everything will have a photo, so we can add them to a photobook that we can cherish in smaller doses and save a lot of space.

 photo enhanced-20964-1422567144-13_zpsx2nebfki.png

I will have to share with you our progress as we tackle this challenge!!

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart Blog Train W4E

The Wilma4Ever “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” Blog Train is HERE!
Look at all the goodies everyone has made just for you all for FREE!
We are all on different time zones, so if someone doesn’t have their part up yet, please check back later.
Make sure you also take a look in our BAK (Build A Kit) area in the store.
You can build your own kit with parts from different designers!
Please go HERE for the BAK – Cold Hands Warm Heart
Time for all the stations:
Wilma4Ever (this is the train station’s main hub, there is no download here)