We have such beautiful sunsets here in Tucson, Arizona. The heat on the other hand I could do without, but that is why we have A/C and a pool…hehe. This beautiful photo of our sunsets is my inspiration for this fun color palette. What do you think?



Want to pull colors from an image?

One of the fun things I love about designing is being able to play around with all the colors you can imagine. Do you know how many shades of pink there are or how many shades of red… I don’t. But in Photoshop I have a way to find shades that I never would have known about. With their ‘Indexed Color’ feature it allows me to pull even the subtle shades that I see with my eye but can’t tell the difference between two of the colors when I look at it. Let me show you what I mean.

For this tutorial we will use a photo that I took of our first fire pit – you can choose anyone you like.

My own fire pit photo

Now you want to go to Image>Mode>Indexed Color

Indexed Color

A pop up box will open and your settings should look like those below – if so, just click ‘OK’

Hit Ok

Go back to Image>Mode> now Go down to ‘Color Table’

Mode Color Table

You should now have another window that popped up that should be all the colors Photoshop was able to index from this photo/image.

Colors from Photo

If you want to save this table for future use, then click on ‘Save’ and choose your location. It will automatically choose to save as a ‘Color Table (*.ACT) file, which is what you want. So name it and hit save.

Save as ACT

Now go to your Swatches view and under the drop down menu, choose load – a pop up window will open and you will have to select ‘.ACT’ to find your table and then hit ok.

Choose ACT

Your colors are now loaded and you can pick and choose what colors you want to work with.

Colors Loaded

For me, I like to make color palettes, which you will start seeing this week, from photos and I usually make more than one just because there are so many very cool colors out there and combinations. So have fun, get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with COLOR!


‘Pink in Love’ has left the station!!!

Welcome to our first 2016 Blog Train ‘Pink in Love’. This month we have a great train for you. This cute train is full of fun elements and paper that will make your photos pop.


You came here from: Sugarbutt Artistic Designs:

Here is my portion:


Download Elements:
Download Papers:

Now please head over to Dreamn4EverDesigns:

For a complete list head over to!!
Enjoy your ride!!


MS2 Template for you!!

Welcome to one of my new features starting in 2016!! Who doesn’t love templates, I love them because they help me come up with quick layouts. So my goal is to create fun and simple layouts for you each Tuesday!!

My inspiration for this week is ‘Master Chef Junior’. I know it sounds funny but I love how these kids help each other even though they are in a competition. This week (I am watching on Hulu) the kids are split up into two teams and cooking for a Gordon Ramsay dinner.


Layout Inspiration Banner

Created by Myself using kit ‘Modern State of Mind’

Created by CT Member – Elizabeth using my kit ‘The Sundry Geek’
Elizabeth Stead


Renew And Repurpose Digital Elements

I love fun and creative tutorials. This tutorial by Rae Clavett over at The Digital Press creative team, ‘Renew and Repurpose Digital Elements’ is the perfect tutorial to share with you at the start of 2016. I know the reason I love digital scrapbooking is because I can reuse all the items I buy over and over again unlike traditional scrapbooking where items are no longer in print and all I have is what I have in my stockpile (hence why I hoard my supplies.. hehe.)

In this tutorial Rae shows you ways that she was able to renew and repurpose digital elements which I thought were very creative and easy to do. Here is a link to her tutorial:

Here is my take on renewing and re-purposing digital elements. I used my kit ‘Stor_mo_chroi’ which is ‘Treasure my heart in Irish’.


Here is what I did:
1. I used the brown ribbon as a tie into the clipped paper.
2. I used the clipped paper as a mask by using the Quick Selection tool to extract the paper around the clip and creating a new layer using a fill in color. Then I used a clipping layer for the photo.
3. I used the elliptical marque tool to select a portion of the pink ribbon that I wanted and cut it away from the rest.
4. I did the same thing with the grey lace piece that is under the photo.
5. I extracted the peach diamond from the other lace in the kit and then trimmed the edges for clean lines.
6. I used the ‘Overlay’ blended on the clock to put it into the background.
7. I used two different papers for the background and used blending and fill options to get the look I wanted that would pull all the color together.

How can you re-purpose a kit?


‘Modern State of Mind’

2016 is a new year and a new way to look at life for me. As I look around me and how the world is changing, part of me wants to stick with the old ways or move to an 1800s style home but then reality sets in an I am a modern girl who enjoys this modern world. So I find myself in a modern state of mind. This kit is full of fun elements and grungy style papers with modern patterns to help create elegant, fun layouts. Let these simple colors accent your lovely photos and help them pop on the page.

You can pick these up for $1 from now until Jan 20th over at With Love Studio here:

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Scrap Stacks Featured Designer 12/21/15

I am so excited.. so many great things are happening today – we finalize the paperwork for my youngest to be adopted by my husband – it is so very cool – just one more month until it is official. Christmas is just a few days away and I can’t wait for my family to open their presents. I am so excited. And then today, I am the featured designer over at Scrap Stacks – hello – how cool is that!!

This month my kit ‘Elven Little Christmas’ is part of their Scrap Stack deal – 4 amazing kits for the low price of $5 – that is $1.25 each – what a deal!! You can get it here:


So head on over and pick up this bundle. Also, if you pick up this goody you have a chance to win $10 to my store but not just my store, you could also win $10 from the other three stores as well. So hurry up and don’t miss out.

If you head over today, you will learn a little more about me and if you come back here, and if you can answer 1 of my questions correctly, you will be entered into a drawing to win ‘Elven Little Christmas 2’ for free!!

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Advent Freebies 2015

I just love this time of year. I miss the snow though.
It’s hard to sit outside with your warm fuzzy blanket and socks, sipping on hot cocoa when it’s 75 degrees outside.
I also love this time of year because it means I get to give goodies out and make people smile!

So with that said, I am running a little late with this, but you should be able to get yesterday’s goody still.

In case the image link doesn’t work for you, head on over to my advent calendar and pick up your daily goodies!!


TDE: Holiday Spice Blogtrain

It’s hard to believe but we are close to the end of 2015 and the last Blog train for 2015!! To celebrate the holidays there’s a new blog train for The Digi Express. Completely into Christmas, we proudly present you Holiday Spice! I am your final stop on this ride, I hope you had fun and we look forward to having you join us next year!


You just came here from By Romajo and here is my Portion:


I hope you all have a very blessed holiday season. Here soon we will be headed to the New England area for a family wedding and house hunting. Showing my husband and youngest where I was born and were my mom’s side of the family grew up! Very excited!


‘Monster Mash’ has left the station

Welcome to the October 2015 The Digi Express. This month we have a great train for you. Head back to The Digi Express Blog on the 15th for a fun challenge we will be hosting for your chance to win a little goodie!!


As for now, I hope you are enjoying the train so far. You have arrived here from Ann’s Scrapbook Heaven and I should be your last stop for this train. In case you missed any you can always head on back to the beginning – The Digi Express Blog


Elements 2:

A lovely layout created using this kit – My youngest daughter at her Halloween Parade during 5th grade. The Pocket Layout was created by me for the With Love Studio ‘October Pocket Challenge’, so head on over and pick up your copy!