Sales and goodies coming!!

Woo hoo… Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Got some great news yesterday from the Dr. I am healing very good and quick!! How could one not be happy about that. What that means is that I get to spend more time making some awesome goodies for everyone!!

Are you ready for some treats… here is what is going on.

Here is what our kit looks like..

We have a fun challenge waiting for you with some goodies attached…

Also, when you head over to MyMemories… check out their store and look at some fun gift ideas and using my code you can save this holiday season!

As always, take advantage of my Rewards card… you can earn a $10 coupon for any of my stores!

Surgery and new releases

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I had surgery this past week and the week before that was a series of tests that I had to do to get ready. I will have some new releases coming soon and I will also have those fun Grim Tale mini kits posted to my store no later than Monday morning.. they will all go for $1.50 in case you missed any.

Hope everyone has had a good holiday season so far!
Many blessings to all.

WLS Blog Hop

Oh what a fun time of the year. This happens to be my favorite time. All Hallows Eve 2013 is when my hubby did our handfasting and November 1st will celebrate 1 year happily married. I have been truly blessed and with that said, its time for you to be blessed as well with lots of fun Goodies.

Over at With Love Studio, we created a fun Blog/FB hop for everyone with the theme ‘A Grimm Tale’. With lots of fun parts. Mine was inspired by those cool girls of Monster High and Ever After High! Hope you enjoy!

Download here: expired

Also check out my other freebie for you on my facebook page Рexpired

On to the next MagsGraphics and
… have FUN!!

In case you get lost, here is the master list of all the participants:

In case you missed my freebie during Witching Week, I will have it up for sale next week for $1.50

Grand Opening!!!

I am one excited designer… I have the privilege to now have my store opened over at MyMemories…I can’t wait to be able to turn my templates into items that can help us create amazing memory books!! Click the link below to be taken to my store as well as see the deals I have there for you. Check it out weekly as I post new items.



I find that I have a lot of photos that I just find beautiful with all the fun colors in them. When I am looking for color palettes to use for my kits, I don’t always find what I am looking for with what is out there. So I look through pictures for inspiration. So I started making my own. So each week I will share with you my weekly ‘Colorspiration’ from various photos I either capture or find on the internet! Some of these will have pictures, some may not because its something I might have in my home.


Do you have a photo that you would like to bring new life to?

Let me help you.

Red Eye and Blemish Correction
Eyeglass and Flash Glare
Minor Background restoration
Minor Scratches and blemishes
Minor to moderate color adjustments
Damage to edging or background

On average, these types of restorations are around $20 -$30 and may take up to three (3) days. Cheaper than many others who want charge up to $75 an hour. My goal is to provide you with quality work without breaking your bank!



Funday Monday – Tutorial – Splicing a Signature

Have you ever wondered how you make your forum signature linked to your blog, Pinterest or Facebook? As Designers, having our signatures linked to our stores are great, but sometimes it’s hard to get everything lined up so you can get everything nice and neat. I have tried many tutorials on how to do this, but always had some issues. Well, that all changed today when I found a tutorial on how to use the ‘Splice Tool’ in Photoshop. Now the site I found was kind of confusing – so let me show you how I did it.

Step 1: Open your signature file and click on the arrow next to the ‘Crop tool’ and select the ‘Slice Tool’

Step 2: Using the ‘Select tool’ Select the first section you want to cut out – for me it is my blog
setting each section

Step 3: In order to keep everything lined up correctly, using the ‘Slice tool’ go to the top right corner of the piece you just sliced and slice out your next section. Continue this for as many slices as you need.

Step 4: Once you have your signature all sliced up (hehe)_ you will want to save for web.

Step 5: Create a folder – ‘Signature Slices’

Step 6: Once you have saved the file, go to your Windows Explorer and check out the folder ‘Signature Slices’. There you will see another folder called ‘Images’ and there you will find each of your slices as individual files. I would recommend renaming for what ever they were sliced for – ex. Blog, Facebook, store.. etc.

Unfortunately, this website won’t show everything next to each other, so I apologize for that but you can see what I mean for each piece.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, got to learn a new tool like I did! Have a great day!