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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work. If you go to the drop-down list you can choose what gallery you would like to look at. Here is a quick glance of each one.

My Scrapbook Kits:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”31″ gal_title=”My Scrapbooking Kits”]

My CT Layouts:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”My CT Layouts”]

Layouts I made from my Kits:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”35″ gal_title=”Layouts for my Kits”]

My Pocket Journaling Layouts:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”34″ gal_title=”Pocket Journaling”]

Hybrid, Mixed Media and other work:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”36″ gal_title=”Hybrid, Mixed Media and more”]

My Art Journaling pages:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”37″ gal_title=”Art Journaling”]

Brag Book pages I have created:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”38″ gal_title=”Brag Books”]

Photo Restoration I have had the privilege of doing:
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”39″ gal_title=”Photo Touch-ups”]



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