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Layout Artisan over at With Love Studio.. last week to sign up

Are you ready for some fun? Join us for our first ever Annual Layout Competition! Only a little while longer before we start the first challenge!

With Love Studio Layout Artisan Competition –

What is a Layout/Scrap Artisan? Layout Artisans are those that inspire us to scrap lift our hearts out because of their fun and unique layouts.

When are the sign-ups for the competition? Sign-ups start May 1st and run through May 30th. A listing of each participant will be posted with an assigned number, please use that number in your layouts.

When does the competition start? The first challenge begins June 1st and goes through until June 28th. Winner to be announced on July 1st!

What is the goal… besides too out scrap the competition and have fun? To become the first Layout Artisan. Each week we will have a challenge, for those that scrap out the competition and move forward, congrats, you will be one step closer! But wait, I said we get to have fun as well, even if you do not get to move forward in the competition there is a way for you to still play and win a separate prize – what? Oh yeah, there is ‘Second Chance Artisan!!’ Just for playing along you will also receive a discount prize as well. So let’s have some fun!

How does the competition work? The first challenge will be posted on the 1st with layouts due every Sunday by Midnight EST. Judging will take 24 hours. The second challenge and thereafter will be posted every Tuesday with a list of those moving forward. Each layout must include 70% of With Love Studio current designer elements. This includes freebies given on blogs, Facebook and newsletters. Each week our designers will have some of the kits on sale for you to grab! For those who participate in the ‘Second Chance Artisan’, you will create a layout from the same challenge to make it easy for everyone to play.

How does the voting work? There will be both public voting and private voting (by our team) and scores will be combined to determine who moves forward and our final winner.

What are the Prizes? We have a lot of fun prizes already but the final list will be posted by June 1st.. so keep checking this thread for updates!!

How can I be a sponsor for the competition? If you would like to be a Sponsor for our Layout Artisan competition, please send a PM to [email][/email]. You can also check out our thread here for more information as well.

Questions? Comments? Ask away! We look forward to seeing your creativity fly!


You can find all the information for our competition here..

We hope you join us for your chance to win some really great prizes!

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