With Love Studio is down :(

You probably already noticed: With Love Studio is down…
The owner planned on moving servers, but the old server company turned the server off all of a sudden and before the actual move could start. All files are now in transferring mode, but it will take some time. Besides that it takes time, there are some other hiccups as well.
So all we ask for is to be patient. Behind the scenes they are working like crazy to get things done, so hopefully things are back and up-and-running by December 1st.

If you have any questions, need download links for your already purchased goods, wanted to buy a kit from WLS or something else, just send me a note at admin@megscottstudio.com and we’ll sort things out together.

Besides WLS being down, I have been working on the WLS Advent Calendar  as well as my own for you. I have been working away on some new planner templates for the Happy Planner as well as working on posting to Teachers Pay Teachers for my store there, my Hungry JPEG and ETSY Store and working away on adding to my Zazzle and soon Red Bubble pages.

Besides all of that, I have had to adjust to my Goddaughter, Claire,  moving in with us. She is my youngest daughter’s sister by her father, and Claire, her mother and step-father, all moved in for a short time period. So life has been very interesting as we learn to adjust to having a 20-month old in the house again. As for the strange dynamic, it’s not so bad actually. The whole – it takes a village to raise a child – actually works for us. We are learning a lot and having fun. Who doesn’t love a child’s laugh!

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I am a DSAHM of a beautiful daughter and 3 furry babies. I have an amazing husband whom I love to cook for as well as work on our home together. I also have an older daughter who will be headed to college soon. I am truly blessed with what I have been given and just do my best to give back!

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