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Digital Scrapbooking Series,  Let's talk about...

Let’s talk about…

Digital Scrapbooking Series coming…

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I am sure most of those who come my site are familiar with scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking. Some of you are not and that is okay. Let’s look at the digital scrapbooking world since most of us are stuck inside right now.

In 2001, while at the end of my pregnancy with my youngest, I was introduced to the world of PSP (Paint Shop Pro) 4 and signature tags. I researched tons of tutorials and joined in tag competitions. My mother-in-law, at that time, introduced me to groups and we had a blast.

I was introduced to traditional scrapbooking back in 2004 when I friend took me to a ‘sticker’ shop. I took a class and became a hoarder/collector. I wasn’t good at tradition scrapbooking, creating a page confused me and I had no one to help me. I took a 4×6 mini album class at the ‘sticker’ shop and from there I found a passion, but still collected more than I used, in hopes that one day I would be able to use it all. At work I started learning Photoshop for fixing graphics for proposals.

Skip ahead to the year 2007 and I have started a small business making mini albums and selling them at work. I had fun working with a friend and cranking them out. I even taught a card making class at Michaels. But it didn’t last long. In 2010 though I took those books to an Art School around the corner from my house and got accepted. I was so happy and shocked, I had a hidden talent for book binding, which led to graphic design which led to learning about the world of Digital Scrapbooking. Oh my goodness, I was hooked and became a new kind of hoarder/collector!

Now it’s 2020 and things have changed with some of the rules since I started, sites have closed, designers retired and more. I became a digital scrapbook designer in 2012 and I still feel like I am learning new things – Procreate is one – and also learning I can draw (didn’t take any classes before – school closed/I moved before I could). I love Photoshop and am also going back to studying Illustrator as well as InDesign. I will figure out how to make videos to share with you what I create!

What kind of scrapper are you? Do you know about Digital Scrapbooking? Are you like me and love collecting all those cute kits/papers/stickers? I am going to write a few posts about it, why I like it and sites I love. Come join me on this journey and comment what you want to know or what you like?

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I am a DSAHM of a beautiful daughter and 3 furry babies. I have an amazing husband whom I love to cook for as well as work on our home together. I also have an older daughter who will be headed to college soon. I am truly blessed with what I have been given and just do my best to give back!

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