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For the past year or so, I have been struggling creatively because of all the things life has handed my family. As of this moment, we are expecting more to come over the next few years and I am no longer going to allow it to take my mojo. Let’s talk about what is going on and where Meg Scott Studio is heading… I am actually really excited about this.

I have officially lost 100 lbs and am still working on losing 100 lbs more. I lost the first 80 lbs 4.5 years ago and then just lost the last 20lbs in the last 6 months. If you would like to see the recipes I have used and how I did it, I can create a whole new area and revamp my Diabetes journey which I haven’t kept up on. Sorry about that. But this is an important part of my new journey. Losing this weight has given me more energy to be able to function and be creative. I am not hurting as much which is a great feeling.

I have discovered a passion for Generative AI work as well as learning a new software suite – Topaz – so I can go back to doing photo restorations. I love being able to help family, friends and others with fixing old photos and bringing new life into them. I love hearing the stories behind the photos as well. I think this plays along with my love of doing genealogy.

As I mentioned I have been playing around with Generative AI work. I will be sharing my creations here soon. I am working on my Zazzle store, Spoonflower creations, items on Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles, and I am waiting to hear if my work will be available through Adobe Stock. I am working on a few different children’s books that I have written and am now finding the best way to illustrate it myself. I am also working away at some new digital scrapbooking kits and commercial use items. On top of that, my husband and I have been working away on our Turtle’s Ink business – it’s still in the baby stages but we have so much planned.

I have big dreams and goals and I am taking them one step at a time.

If you have read all the way through this, I would love to hear from you… how are you doing?

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I am a DSAHM of a beautiful daughter and 3 furry babies. I have an amazing husband whom I love to cook for as well as work on our home together. I also have an older daughter who will be headed to college soon. I am truly blessed with what I have been given and just do my best to give back!

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