Funday Tutorials

Today I would like to share some digital scrapbooking tips with you.

I really appreciate when other scrap-bookers share different tips and tricks that they have learned. The more little ‘gems of information’ you collect, the quicker and easier digital scrapbooking becomes.

A friend taught me a neat little trick with shadows in PS, and I am going to share it with you. I am also going to share something that makes duplicating an effect so easy, you’ll probably ask, why didn’t I know that? At least that is what I said but you might already know this trick. And I will also share a tutorial I learned while doing a challenge; How to make text look offset on a photo or object.

I use PhotoShopCS and MyMemories when designing. Today’s tutorials were done in PhotoShopCS.

I have a file in my scrapbook kits folder titled “Instructions” where I put all my files like the three I am sharing with you today. It makes it easier to find my tutorials and such. If you don’t have one place for all of yours, you might want to make a folder like I did.

  1. Remove a shadow from the inside of a frame while preserving it on the outside.
  2. Make a text look off-set on a photo or element.
  3. Duplicate an effect in PhotoShop

Just click on the links above to get the tutorials.

Don’t forget to join a challenge or blog train. They are excellent ways to learn new things and get ideas from other scrappers.


Thanks for joining me today. See you next Funday!

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