Renew And Repurpose Digital Elements

I love fun and creative tutorials. This tutorial by Rae Clavett over at The Digital Press creative team, ‘Renew and Repurpose Digital Elements’ is the perfect tutorial to share with you at the start of 2016. I know the reason I love digital scrapbooking is because I can reuse all the items I buy over and over again unlike traditional scrapbooking where items are no longer in print and all I have is what I have in my stockpile (hence why I hoard my supplies.. hehe.)

In this tutorial Rae shows you ways that she was able to renew and repurpose digital elements which I thought were very creative and easy to do. Here is a link to her tutorial:

Here is my take on renewing and re-purposing digital elements. I used my kit ‘Stor_mo_chroi’ which is ‘Treasure my heart in Irish’.


Here is what I did:
1. I used the brown ribbon as a tie into the clipped paper.
2. I used the clipped paper as a mask by using the Quick Selection tool to extract the paper around the clip and creating a new layer using a fill in color. Then I used a clipping layer for the photo.
3. I used the elliptical marque tool to select a portion of the pink ribbon that I wanted and cut it away from the rest.
4. I did the same thing with the grey lace piece that is under the photo.
5. I extracted the peach diamond from the other lace in the kit and then trimmed the edges for clean lines.
6. I used the ‘Overlay’ blended on the clock to put it into the background.
7. I used two different papers for the background and used blending and fill options to get the look I wanted that would pull all the color together.

How can you re-purpose a kit?

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