Font Friday: Austie Bost On a Whim

Hey everyone, hope your summer is treating you well. I am have been crazy busy with moving into our new house, my oldest daughter graduating, my youngest daughter starting 8th grade and gearing up for a little bit of traveling. It has been no stop almost. Lots of painting still to do but we are coming along nicely.

Here is what we did to my daughter’s room. We still have some furniture to paint before it is all said and done but she loves how it turned out and that is all that matters. I will post more as our house comes along.


The blue that you see in the room is not actually blue but teal or ‘peacock tail’, well that is going into her bathroom. We are also going to be writing on the wall ‘Let the Beauty within shine through’ right by her mirror so that she is reminded every day how beautiful she is!

With that being said, we have found a font that we love and plan on using to write it out.. Thank you so much to Austin Owens over at for your amazing font ‘Austie Bost On a Whim’!! Love it… you can get your copy here:


Download here:

So please check out here fun fonts and hope you enjoy the freebie!



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